Natalia Balahnicheva is the star soloist of The Kremlin Ballet. She Was born in Kirov in 1974.17.12., and graduated from the Perm State Ballet Academy (class of L.P.Sakharova). Since 1994 she is in the staff of the Kremlin Ballet. Her bright and most original talent of the dancer combines with lyric and romantic harmony and rare gift of plastic incarnation. Her repertory consists of Cindrella (Cinderella by Prokofiev, staged by Vassyliev), Ludmila (Ruslan and Ludmila, by Glinka-Agafonnikov, staged by A.Petrov), Mery, Pastral (The Nutcracker by Tchaykovsky, staged by A.Petrov), Leda (Zeus by D.Arapis, staged by A.Petrov). Pas de troi, one of the four swans (The Swan Lake by Tchaykovsky, Moscow reduction by Ivanov, Petipa, Gorsky and Messerer).

Theatrical tutor of the ballerina in The Kremlin Ballet is E.Maximova. N.Balahnicheva is a diplomant of international Ballet competitions (in Paris in 1992 and “Maya” in St-Petersburg in 1994), laureate of the Theatrical Festival Moscow Debuts (1996), studying in the Perm Academy N.Palahnicheva played leading part in the film “Captures of Terpsykhora”. She toured with The Kremlin Ballet in many countries.